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Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc are a 24 hour lead generation tool – a direct line to the most active, qualified, and purchase motivated potential buyers of your target audience All Page 1 has expert advice about Internet marketing, brand and interactive marketing, and search engine marketing.

All Page 1 - Internet Marketing Specialists 

All Page 1 is an internet marketing firm specializing in obtaining first page placement for its customer’s websites. 

As an industry leading Lead Generating marketing company, our services utilize proven techniques that result in rapid first page placement. Our website marketing process is geared at marketing your website to the major search engines and indexes by tuning your web site so that it is optimized and more visible to the information seeking technology used by the search engines, commonly known in the industry as search engine spiders. 

Our search engine marketing processes include research into your specific market and identification of the keywords and key phrases specific to your web site's target market. We make sure that selected keywords are properly incorporated into your website and we perform a thorough evaluation of your web sites code to ensure that it is compatible with major search engine spiders. 

Our focus is on making your site highly visible, accessible, and most importantly friendly to the spiders so that your listings and rankings increase and remain favourable and consistently at the top of search engine results. 

Can’t get new business from the Web? 

You've come to the right place! 

Effective Internet marketing starts with: 

Defining what your clients type into search engines when looking for your products and services 

To generate New Business from the Net - This is all that matters! 

When you know this –we know how to see EXACTLY what your potential clients are searching for and we also know EXACTLY how many people type your products into Google each month! 

To link your site with our page 1 sites for your products and services - We do not need to touch your existing site! 

We have a unique methodology of linking all of OUR sites for your products and industry so that we can get your site, products and services onto Page 1 and usually do so within a couple of weeks from start day. As far as we or our clients know we are the only company in Australia able to do this – we have invested over $1.3 M and 5 years developing these internet matrixes and structures 

All Page 1 guarantees that a maximum amount of visitor traffic is channelled to your website by the various search engines. This is the most important aspects of the internet marketing services that we provide. 

It’s all about generating LEADS! Getting the phone to ring or receiving email inquiries for your products. We have over 20 years in the industry understanding how Google, Yahoo, MSN, and other major search engines use search engine software known as robots. These robots, also often known as search engine crawlers or search engine spiders, analyse the content of a site as well as other search engine criteria such as the accuracy of the website coding (ie: clean coding) to establish content relevance and overall website relevance. 

Maintaining high level website ranking and top search engine positioning requires regular periodical maintenance and properly planned search engine resubmission. All Page 1 Internet marketing online increases search engine generated traffic to your website, increasing online business opportunities, and increase online revenue opportunities.

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