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There are 100’s of SEO company’s in Australia

All selling the same product - in fact if we are speaking plainly the same ineffective product because the model to achieve results for an INDIVIDUAL company is flawed

When you have 100’s of salespeople across the country all selling the same adwords / searched words it is IMPOSSIBLE to get high ranking for all of the businesses who all buy the same adwords / searched words

Because: There are only a maximum of 10 results on a results page!

What’s worse: There are only a maximum of 3 “Paid Results” on the top of each results page so you go on some indefinable weird ‘rotation’ each month with all of the other companies across Australia who have the same adwords/ searched words as yourself until your ‘monthly spend per click budget’ has been used up then you vanish until next month… assuming you keep paying your monthly fees

No wonder the Search Engines are the new rivers of gold!

Here’s another MAJOR flaw: It is of little consequence relative to generating traffic if your website comes up on Page 1 – the only people who will find you are the people who already know you and type your website name into the search bar

You will never generate new business from the net
unless your
products and services come up page 1

Why Page 1 matters: Page 1 Google Result Gets 89% of Clicks

George Noble May September, 2011 To secure new business from the Net It's critical for your PRODUCTS not just your website to appear on Page 1 of Google, especially in one of the top 10 organic positions, as these spots receive 89% of all clicks from users, according to a new study from All Page 1.

Websites ranked number one received an average click-through rate (CTR) of 36.4 %; number two had a CTR of 12.5 %; and number three had a CTR of 9.5 %.

Being number one in Google, according to All Page 1, is the equivalent of all the traffic going to the sites appearing in the second through fifth positions.

Here's All Page 1 look at CTRs on the top 20 sites:

Moving up to the top spot in Google from second or third could triple visits to your website.

All Page 1 study of Google search engine results pages analysed organic keyword visits for B2B and B2C websites. All Page 1 analysed data from 250 randomly chosen sites.

Here are some of All Page 1 other findings.

Importance of Page 1

The average CTR on Page 1 of Google was 8.9 %, but the average CTR on Page 2 was 1.5 %. Ranking first on Page 2 had a slight benefit over ranking in the last spot on Page 1 (2.6 % vs. 2.2 % CTR).

All Page 1 concludes that, because predicting which position your site will appear in Google is basically impossible, your efforts should first focus on getting on Page 1, and then on investing in working your way up to one of the top three spots.

Also, ranking beyond Page 2, while good for tracking trends, has almost no business value, All Page 1 noted.

Client Instinctive Searches vs. Long Tail

All Page 1 study defined Client Instinctive Searches as searched words with more than 1,000 monthly Google searches and long tail terms as searched words with less than 100 monthly searches.

Instinctive Searches are what a potential client would type into say a Google search bar when looking for your product / services as well as those who know you looking for your website

Client Instinctive Searches had a higher CTR (32 %) in the number one position than long tail terms (25 %). However, long tail terms had a higher overall CTR on Page 1 of Google than Client Instinctive Searches (9 % vs. 4.6 %).

All Page 1 concluded that you won't see "huge benefits until you get to the top few positions" for Client Instinctive Searches. However, long tail terms can see decent CTR almost anywhere on the first page, though there is less benefit of moving up to higher positions.

Bottom line: let your business goals shape your page 1 strategy.

How Much a Top Spot in Google is Worth?

All Page 1 looked at organic CTR in the hopes of updating one of the SEO industry's long-time ROI calculators based on AOL's leaked search records which All Page 1 calls "old and dated," due to the evolution of universal search and integration of social search in recent years.

AOL's data showed websites ranked first received 42.3 % of traffic; second place got 11.92 %; and third place had 8.44 %:

AOL's data was based on 19,434,540 click-throughs, whereas All Page 1 was based on 1,224,383. All Page 1 isn't the first using AOL's data as a benchmark. Last May, two studies aimed to calculate Google's organic CTR.

Using Google Webmaster Tools data from 100 clients and 2,710 searched words, found position one gets 46.37 % of organic click-throughs; position two gets 29.43 %; and position three gets 19.81 %:

All Page 1 study reported that a top spot gets 34.35 % of impressions; second position gets 16.96 %; and third gets 11.42 %. All Page 1 numbers were based on a sample of 8,253,240 impressions across its advertising network.

While the exact figures and data sets vary from study to study, they all confirm that ranking at the top of Page 1 on Google continues to be incredibly valuable. One of All Page 1 final pieces of advice is to stay on top of SEO best practices and strategies.

How All Page 1 Works...

We'll get your website onto page 1 of Google for up to 30 Client Instinctive Searches your potential customers are searching for.

Client Instinctive Searches are all that matters!

It’s what a potential client would type into a Google search bar when looking for your product / services who don’t know you (as well as those who know you looking for your website ) give us the 6 most important products / services (or let us recommend them) you would like to get found for and we'll do the rest.

No complications, just give us your most profitable products that you want new business for and we'll deliver!

Simply give us 5 Client Instinctive Searches that you think your potential customers will be using to search for your business on the internet. If you don't know which Client Instinctive Searches are best to target, don't worry, we can help.

We offer a research service to find the best ones for your business for FREE!

We will find the number monthly of those Client Instinctive Searches from those looking for your products and email this to you.

Eg " Dentist Cronulla".

Once we have your Client Instinctive Searches we’ll start getting your website visible in ALL the major search engines.

Our goal is to get as many searched words as possible to page 1 for you but we guarantee you'll get at least 6 there within 2 weeks .

We continue working for you until we deliver or its FREE!

Some info on why Google matters

In Australia almost everyone uses Google to find a business these days.We help them Find Yours!

Google is the world’s largest search engine and generates over 400 million searches per day, some of those searches are your potential customers. Being on page one in front of these potential customers for as many search terms people use as possible is the key to having a successful business online!Few people searching on Google go past page 1 because you're pretty much guaranteed to find what you want in one of the 10 results you get on the first page for your search. Google’s search algorithms (the programs that produce the order sites are shown in) are so good you rarely need to flip over to page 2.

Your Products and Business needs to be on Page One of Google to Attract New Visitors. You're Competition are already There!

Your competition are probably already on page one for the very terms your potential customers are searching for.

Do a search now and see who's on top for your industry.

Let us get you up there on Page 1 on top of them to secure traffic from those potential new customers they are getting every single day. We know how to do it and we do it for our customers every day !

Search Analysis

Picking the wrong Client Instinctive Searches can be a big problem! If you pick key search terms to get to page one for and nobody is searching for them you may as well have not bothered.

It's really important you pick say 6 search phrases that are getting high traffic!We understand not everyone knows how to research the best searched words which is why we offer a service to do that for you.

We’ll take the 6 Client Instinctive Searches you give us and give you up to 100 more that match including the number of searches carried out each month.Then you can choose the BEST 6 search phrases you'd like us to work on.

Guaranteed Results!

We guarantee to get your chosen 6 Client Instinctive Searches onto page one of Google for you within a few weeks. Often we achieve this within the first 2 weeks for clients.

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