Our Costings

We want to keep you happy.
We believe in long term win / win relationships.

Our costing system is simple:
If you’re not happy - we don’t want to be paid!
Our Flat fee is just $200 a month or less depending on Industry and your location

  • We don’t ask for any up-front money! Ever.
  • We Invest our time and money before we ever get a single cent from you
  • We build sites, secure domains, get stuck into your lead generating matrix securing traffic / hits / leads before we bill you for your first month with us
  • No one else in Australia can or will do this for you
  • If, for any reason you don’t like us or don’t get the results you expect then just don’t pay
  • We will call to ask why or you can email us to tell us why. Either way this is a no questions asked relationship
  • We don’t have a long term contract – pay monthly – cancel by not paying
  • We won’t even bill you for any past months that you haven’t paid
  • Why do we do this? Because we simply don’t lose clients! There is very little risk to us as we know from our 12 years’ experience that  if you are generating new business from our work / sites (you can see the monthly stats) then, with our low monthly fee its very unlikely that you won’t happily pay us … ( as we all used to do when the Yellow Pages really worked 10 years ago)
  • We are lead generating fanatics! It’s all we think about and it’s all we focus on! In fact, it’s all we have really done for the past 22 years!
  • Today the majority of ALL new business comes from Internet Searches – we love it! We know BETTER THAN ANY OTHER COMPANY IN AUSTRALIA how to secure the Lion’s share of internet searches for your product.

We are a world leader in Internet Marketing  with 30 years’ experience in Business Consulting – Leading edge Sales Skills Training (that works in 2012)  – Team Building Seminars – Management Consulting.

Our training Business www.noblemay.com.au

We have worked with 100’s of the World’s largest companies from our offices in Australia, the USA, Asia and NZ.
Today we are happy here at home in Aus’ quietly going about our business dominating the Net for our clients.

Hope to hear from you - All the best to you and yours.

George May
Managing Director
December 1 2012 Sydney